16th of January

Just came back from a great writing trip to LA! Pitching the songs have already begun, and I have a bunch of really good songs I need to produce! Was really happy to work with some amazingly talented people, my publisher Budde did a great job setting up the sessions..
I really love being in writing sessions. It's such a great creative process. You walk into a session without knowing what's gonna happen and when you walk out you have a new born song with you, and most of the times you are high on that rush and totally in love with the song you have created. Really a fun part of the job.

On the business side of things, the year is starting out great too - 4 major label cuts have just been confirmed in Germany, and there's a some really interesting project developments happening in the US too… And in Denmark, Cisilias "Vi To Datid Nu" is doing great - it's currently the 7th most streamed artist on Spotify Denmark! The video is coming out soon too!

Later this month I'm heading off to Stockholm for "Stockholm Writing Camp" hosted by Auddly - and after that to London to work with a new artist I'm stoked about!

1st of Dec 2014

Today is release date for "Vi To Datid Nu" - a single by the young Danish Artist Cisilia (Universal). Really happy to have co-written this with Engelina Andrina, Jules Wolfson and Mass Ebstrup. Jules and I did the production of the track, and Engelina and I did the vocal arrangement.

28th of Nov 2014

I realised I haven’t updated my site since March (!), I guess time flies! Anyway, let me try to sum up a bit of some of what has been going on with my music career this year. Hopefully next update will not be Christmas 2015!
2014 has been super productive with some cool releases and even more in the pipeline to be released in the new year! A lot of travelling, a lot of new friendships and a lot of creative time in the studio!
I started out 2014 by producing 5 songs for The Baseballs (Warner Germany), it was a really fun project to do - a modern rockabilly pop act with 3 great singers, Basti, Sam and Digger. Great guys that are really into the old school rock n roll and rockabilly, most of all, of course The King of Rock n Roll…
The band also participated in the German preselection to Eurovision and I produced their live version of the song for the show while I was in Berlin writing with Stereolove, a band on Sony Germany. Another band project I have done this year. 
Stereolove has been hugely successful for a lot of years in Germany and Eastern Europe under another name, Raemonn. Since that they have switched out the lead singer and now call themselves Stereolove, with Thom Hanreich as their front man, a really good singer from Berlin.
After a pretty long song writing process, we recorded the Stereolove album in July in Munich. I went there with my good friend and colleague Stefan N Sundström from Stockholm. I ended up co-writing around half the album with them. It's a pretty modern take on a classic pop-rock album, geared towards radio and mainstream. The album will be out in the spring.
For some reason this year, I have been working on a lot of band projects. 
I was lucky to get a call from some good friends of mine, Carpark North, one of the most successful Danish bands ever. They were in the middle of closing their album and would like to write and produce their last songs for the album with me. I ended up doing 4 songs for that album, including the first and the third single. It was a great time cause the 3 guys in the band, like me all produce, play, write, so it was a nice melting pot with different inputs from everybody, a lot of fruitful creative discussions and a tight enough deadline for everybody to work their asses off to get everything ready!
I guess when it comes to rock bands the old saying “when it rains, it pours” is appropriate, cause along The Baseballs, Stereolove and Carpark North, I got hooked up with another of my favorite Danish bands, Dúné this year too. They had been through some changes in their lineup and were now 3 guys in the band -  keys, bass and vocals, and reached out to me to explore a new concept and sound for their new album. They came out to my studio and we had an awesome "first date", immediately hit it off both personally and musically and wrote the first song the same day. That song, Antidote, came out last week. It was really interesting to work with the guys on this because they come from a guitar rock background and were now a band with no guitars or live drums, so we had to explore new territory, and that was such a positive twist I think.
These guys have an amazing energy and have just been on tour in Germany, and it was so great to hear from my German friends how they just nailed the shows. Very promising project, we continue that in the New Year of course… Support the boys here
Well enough of rock bands. :P
In between my rock projects I have done some single productions as well. One of my favorite songs I wrote last year, Somebody Loves You just got out on Sony New Zealand with their boy group Moorhouse, exciting to see hwo that will go. I did a co production on the single "Silly Ghost of a great Swedish band, The Majority Says, signed in Germany on Warner. We recorded in Sweden in a cool studio called Kingside… huge Neve VMR60 console and a gorgeous recording room with a great playing band all hooked up and ready to go, amazing experience. 
One of the crazier cuts this year, was a Mexican boy band dressed up like aliens singing one of my songs in Spanish. Greg Wells (producer of Katy Perry, Mika etc.) produced it… pretty bad ass producer, and pretty strange video :D
Some of the recent news
A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of cowriting a song for a new Danish pop reggae artist called Cisilia. Jules and Engelina from her production team were looking for a second single and asked me to come by with my ukulele. Universal really loved the song and decided to push forward the release to first of december, so we got really busy producing it. We thought we went into a vocal recording session, then realized that the deadline had to be pushed forward some days, so we kept going, working 26 hours until the A/R came by the studio, danced around and said we could go home and sleep, it was perfect now.  Reggae and Dancehall is a really popular style of music in Denmark, so I’m really excited to see what will happen to this song.  Its called "Vi To Datid Nu".
Engelina Andrina and Mass Ebstrub did an amazing lyric and Jules Wolfson and I did our first production together. It was such a creative process, and amazing to see how quickly things can happen when everybody is focused and determined.  Cisilia is definitely an exciting new artist to look out for… 15 year old, fantastic voice and a great rapper too. Amazing! The song is not out yet but here's a little clip from the vocal booth


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